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gimpfu view-display-filters?
Hello, I'm trying to automate the addition of a contrast filter in GIMP, but I'm stuck.

Today I learned to make a GIMP plugin following a Youtube tutorial, and I started to modify it to do my task. The problem is that the only gimpfu function with "contrast" anywhere is pdb.gimp_drawable_brightness_contrast(drawable, brightness, contrast), which does not produce the same effect, but rather something like a photo filter.

I searched the python procedure examiner (i don't know if I translated that properly), and there's not a single function with "filter" in its name. The deepest function-like name I found was the one in the title, through testing in the shortcut configuration panel.

Can anybody help me? Thank you
Things in View>Display filters are UI things (they don't change the image data, just the way you see things) and therefore out of bounds for scripts and plug-in. Other than that "Filters" is a very ambiguous term in Gimp, it used to mean anything which is not a tool (tools are interactive, filters are not... until the GEGL filters in 2.10).

pdb.gimp_drawable_brightness_contrast(drawable, brightness, contrast) is really the same functionality as Colors>Brightness- contrast filter in Gimp 2.8.

So what do you mean by "same effect" exactly? Have you go example pictures?

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