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gmic_gimp_qt [split] Some readily available effects .
I'm having problems with the GMIC plugin, I've downloaded and installed the version for Ubuntu 18.04 and it appears fine on Gimp 2.8 but is nowhere to be seen on 2.10  any ideas how to fix it?
The default for 'buntu 18.04 is Gimp 2.8. If you also have Gimp 2.10 then most likely that is a flatpak of a snap version. Both of those are 'sandboxed' do not support QT hence gmic_gimp_qt does not work.

Dump Gimp 2.8 and install a regular Gimp 2.10 from the PPA. see for hints:
and a plugin from:

Use a portable version, an appimage from
I was never very keen on his appimages but I was trying out the latest Gimp 2.10.13 (160 MB) and it is not bad. Comes with some plugins gmic_gimp_qt 2.7.2 / resynthesizer. Runs in parallel with what you already have installed.

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