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gmic - update to new version

iam using gimp 2.8 on xp sp3.

old gmic works fine.

i have installed the new gmic using the installer.  i have gone into the folders in preferences and changed/included the new folder in the "to look in" list.  i have tried totally removing the old copy of gmic but regardless nothing comes up as far as the new version.  so i have put the old one in an "old" folder so i can still use it.

i am not sure if they are supposed to but neither (old/new) gmic plugin is showing up in the plugin browser?

i have attached screenshots of preferences and explorer.

thanks for any help.        dhugg

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An hour in a WinXP SP3 VM trying all-sorts to get a recent gmic-gimp-qt plugin working with no success at all.

[Image: rd8E45o.jpg]

Assuming your WinXP is 32 bit, then you need the gmic_gimp2.8_qt_win32.exe installer. That installs to the .gimp-2.8\plug-ins folder so at least one of your plug-ins folder locations is correct. But then that kernel32.dll is part of the WinXP system and nothing I know of to fix that error. Installing SP3 is the usual fix.

Make sure you keep your existing gimp-gmic GTK versions. AFAIK there is no public repository of the last GTK versions (I use linux, the last windows gmic I have is way back from 2013)
hey rich,

thanks for the reply.

i have an old copy of the 32 bit installer but thats what i used to get the version i currently have.  the update site does not offer the 32 bit installer as i have tried them all.

how do i get the latest version of the 32 bit installer?

i have attached the screen i was directed to to get the new version.

thanks again

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#4 do i get the latest version of the 32 bit installer?

Like many sites it is a bit of a maze.


Start off on the main page and click downloads.
Bottom of the downloads page, click on Browse all files.
That gives a list of folders, click on the windows folder.
That gives links to the files, look for gmic_gimp2.8 ones. There are both 32 bit installer and zipped files. Do not think any different from the download you get from the main page.

Tried both in a 32 bit Win7 with Gimp 2.8 and it works. It is WinXP that looks like the problem.
thank you very much for your knowledge and experience,   appreciate it!

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