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help-browser.exe Message Parse error......
Hello Gimp Forum,

Just getting started with Gimp so need the Help button.
When I click on Help a message appears:

help-browser.exe Message Parse error in "https//': 
GET request failed: WinHttp error: CANNOT CONNECT

How can to get rid of this error message and get to Help?


Allen in Dallas
It should work in Windows - are you connected to the Internet? This in Win10 - Gimp 2.10 using default settings.


It might be a firewall or AV on your installation blocking the connection.

In Edit -> Preferences -> Help System try using the Web Browser option


If all that fails there is a good version of the Help files as a PDF here:
Download the gimp-help-2.10-en.pdf  size 40 MB All you need with a searchable index.

At the moment there is no installable Gimp 2.10 help - it is still work in progress

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