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how to change color of logo without it swelling?
Here is the thing I am an admin as well. I am trying to make a logo but the the problem is I want to change the beetles legs and head from black to blue, however, the issue is that when i change the color it gets swollen.

(see images)

the one on the left is the changed beetle. as you can see the legs are swollen i just want them red not swollen.


(i followed this vid btw too )

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All sorts of ways to do this.

My first thoughts:

1. Color select the blue, increase the threshold to about 50 to get all of it. Now invert the selection Select menu -> Invert. This is only to make painting over the eyes easier. Not really needed if you have a steady hand.

2. Enable the Alpha-lock by clicking on the icon in the layers dialogue. This prevents painting on transparency.


3. Set the Foreground colour to what you want, in this example red. Choose a suitable brush, set a suitable size and carefully paint over the areas you want to change.


When finished remember to tidy up, kill the selection Select -> none Click on the Alpha-lock icon to toggle off.
Alpha-lock (and no selection or a selection that fully selects the edge pixels) is the canonical way to go, at least to avoid bleeding over the transparency.

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