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how to drag a layer?
We took two group pictures: 1 with me taking the picture (and me not in the picture) and a 2nd picture with me in the picture.  I want to add myself to the first picture.  So I have each picture in a layer.  And I have made the top layer with me and made it mostly transparent so I can see the other people of the first picture.  But there is a problem!

The 2nd picture was taken from a slightly different distance so the subjects appear bigger.  When I add myself to the first picture, I look abnormally large as compared to the other people.  My solution is to use Layer -> Scale Layer.  With some trial and error about the size, it works great!

But the scaled layer is now centered on top of the lower layer.  I wish to move the top layer (scaled) over to the side a little so that it is aligned with the left and bottom margins of the lower layer.  How to do?

I tried using Layer -> Transform -> Offset, but the image in the layer is shifted within the layer but it loses content instead of shifting the entire layer in relation to the bottom layer.
The easiest way is use the move tool. The thing to note about this tool is it moves the layer with the first solid pixel it finds under the cursor. With a layer containing lots of transparency a good idea is enable move the active layer in the move tool options.

[Image: lLlO4pY.jpg]

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