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i am new to gimp how do i get started
i have never used a graphic design website before i just started a business and have a business card and flyer design that my neighbor made for me but didn't finish i want to make some changes and finish the cards and flyers so i can send them out and have printed also how do i upload my design to work on it i want to be able to make custom flyers for different specials i might be running also i paint cars and anything anybody wants painted i thought i could use a graphic design soft ware to design paint jobs can anybody help me get started as i have no experience in this any help would be greatly appreciated
I'm not sure you're going to get any practical answer in this forum that you want to hear.  If you need this work done anytime soon, as a hand-on specialist yourself, you need a hands-on specialist to help get this work done for you.  Somebody local would be ideal.  (But good intentions of good neighbors are not an ideal business situation at all.)  But even somebody within a several hour's drive away would put you a hundred times further ahead a hundred times faster than you're likely to get by trying to learn how to use specialized software applications and then how to deal with the printing business as well.  Not saying you can't and not saying you shouldn't; I'm just suggesting your time is probably limited and you'll get no customers at all for a very long time to come if you let your current ambition distract you.  A specialist simply needs other specialists.  Best of luck.

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