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ideas for how to improve my art
(03-14-2019, 10:09 AM)rich2005 Wrote:
Quote:..does anyone have any ideas on other better ways to create the grunge/distressed template, layers

Maybe a template is not such a good idea. Any image has to be considered on its own merits. What works for one image is no good for the next. I looked at your cover originally and thought, looks ok to me, no meaningful comments.

Quote:..the text is quite sharp and looks a bit like its been generated on a computer

I do not see that as a problem. It looks like your text has already (opacity perhaps) been tweaked in some way. Looking at a real life book dust jacket, Corners and edges might be tatty but the text is sharp. I prefer the text solid. However you can distress in various ways, have to consider the base image (no good with a plain colour), a small displace might work. example:

Quote: some other type of filter effect maybe? here are some examples

That is a much darker image so those streaks show up better. Looks like you might already have tried that. You might get round some faintness with a solid black layer in addition mode. Then a 'grungey' brush stamped-in with white. Then the example looks like it might have a vignette applied. Use an elliptical selection, inverted, large feather (200) fill with black, reduce opacity to suit.
Brush came from

thankyou ,I like what you've done, I will experiment with this for my art. might take a while to get the hang of it! I got a nice look from distressing the text with Gaussian blur 1.0 Smile

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