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image enlarged bigger than layer and some is cut off

I'm making a book cover that has different pictures on different layers. An image I brought in as a layer, that I then enlarged, now extends past the edge of the layer and is getting cut off.

Is there a way to fix it and also to not have this happen again?

The arrows show where it's getting cut off.

Thanks for any assistance!


OS Mojave

GIMP 2.8.22

Not 100% sure from the given information. It could be the clipping setting in the scale tool options. Should be set to adjust, might be clip.


A 20 second comparison:  Not MacOS but it is Gimp 2.8

If it is not that, give details of the procedure / tool used and preferably a screenshot of the whole Gimp 2.8
Thanks for responding to my question! I'll give that a try.


I think that must be what happened. I will pay attention to that setting when enlarging something. It just hadn't happened when any others up to that point. 

Thanks again!

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