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image not opening in cyan window
When I click export image on the CYAN button, I get "Please set the default colour profiles before loading images"
I press O.K. & nothing happens. I cannot get an image to appear in the cyan window .I am using the latest version of GIMP.
I have no idea if CYAN / Gimp cyan plugin works correctly in MacOS with a recent Gimp installation, however the message you get is because you have not set the default profiles - bottom of the Gimp cyan dialogue The drop down selection menus.


As a demo,  new update to Gimp 2.10.30 (kubuntu 20.04) and a little nuisance when opening the image. The Gimp developers must have changed something, thankfully CYAN is still working.

Three minute video on what you might see:

Just a reminder: CYAN is also stand-alone for converting RGB <> CMYK
Thank you for your succinct advice & setting me on the path of righteousness.
The video was a great help & I have made progress.
Kind regards, Ian of Oldshed.

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