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installation problem
I am working on an iMac with OS Sierra (not High Sierra). Although purchased in 2011 the computer was built in 2009. I downloaded and installed GIMP but although it told me it had installed successfully and on launch the icon appears in the dock, it only shows for about five seconds and then vanishes. 

I'm keen to explore GIMP, and wonder if this situation has a remedy?

Chances are the latest from is just not compatible with your MacOS Sierra

I would try an alternative version from not the latest it is Gimp 2.10.22 but more than good enough.

This from Partha's site

For this version, you must install X11 for Mac from the folks at XQuartz. This version is compatible with Sierra (10.12) and above. Yes, I rebuilt it with backward compatibility due to numerous requests.
Thankyou for those probable solutions. Before I follow up that track I'm going to install it on my husband's PC, which may be an easier way to go.


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