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jpeg image error
I have scanned several pages to my MBP. 
when I open a file in GIMP I get pop up message:
JPEG Image Message:  Corrupt JPEG data:240 extraneous bytes before marker 0xd9
I just click okay, carry on with my edits and save file to jpg in another location.

1. what does this error mean?
2. and do I really need to be concerned about it.
3. the edited files I will save as a group and pass on to others. 

Had to look up MBP (MacBookPro )

You should be ok exporting the edited scans as a new jpg.

Always wise to be on the safe side. Save the new files as a Gimp .xcf as well, until sure that other OSX users can open the jpeg's
thanks rich2005
does .xcf retain the edited setting better than .jpg?

I am having problem scanning a page of pencil hand written where writing is right on the fold. I have scanned and edited colour bright-contrast as best I can but still looks messy.

have attached 2 files. had to adjust size so hope you can see clearly enough.
first is the original scan....300dpi 
and second is my edits.... second row from bottom is the line not coming out clearly
colour bright -94 contract 114...I think 
then cropped

can you or anyone suggest a better edit?

Attached Files Image(s)
The attached images are too small to do anything with. The "original scan" at 300 ppi is only 370 pix x 480 pix.

Can you upload the original to a web share site such as DropBox or mediafire and give the link.

It might be possible to give some advice.

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