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linking a image with its mask
Hello Rich2005 , I need to check the output of  the 3 scripts you shared with me individually. But I am not sure about the command which i must be using for running these script. I need to see the png  output of each script so that i can integrate 3 script in my main script. I tried executing it through commandline and didnt get the expected output. Do let me know about commands to .execute
Quote:Thankyou, but now my question is how to process single file into these scripts from command line. i meant to say what will be the command to run these files individually through ubuntu terminal.

You will not do it in a terminal, as I explained I am not a coder.

Can you not follow the video ?

Oh well, because you are starting from a strange point

3 layers in your exmple. SB5_bg.png / inverted.png / "Background"

SB5_bg.png is not required, delete it

inverted png seems to be the mask but is smaller than the "Background" Scale it to size
Select -> All
Layer -> Scale to Selection (sg-scale-to-selection.scm) giving a mask layer the same size as the "Background"

Then to add layer masks
Duplicate the "Background" giving 3 layers Mask / "Background" copy / Background
Add the mask to all layers, Image -> Mask -> Copy Mask to layers (sg-copy-mask-to-layers.scm)

For your specification only the bottom two layers are required.
Delete the top layer.

For your specification the top layer has the mask applied
Toggle the visiblity of the bottom layer off
Make the top layer active
Apply the layer mask (sg-apply-layer-mask-to-all-layers.scm Only shown on the assumption you can actually make a script yourself. Otherwise manually it is a Layer -> Mask -> Apply layer mask)

That gives two layers as your second clip from PS, showing two layers, Background removed / Origin.

That closes this topic for me. If you get no replies here for fixing the script you posted, then go back to and ask there.
hey , can anyone help me in running these 3 scripts individually . What would be the command to run these scripts individually. i am bit confused regarding the commands which would be executed through ubuntu commandline.

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