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mouse issues after fresh windows install
Hey, ive recently did a factory reset on my workstation and i've started to have some issues with gimp that i honestly cant track the source of.

The issue currently, mouse is behaving extremely odd, clicks don't always register, drop down menus instantly close after i open them, pointer always thinks it's using the Move tool and i have to click a bunch to switch from it, often having to alt tab or drag the window to use that window's contents.

here's what i've tried and other details.

  1. tried both latest releases of stable and dev.
  2. mouse: logitech g502, drivers up to date.
  3. no gimp plugins other than Gmic, but problem persists with and on 100% fresh stock gimp.
  4. windows, gpu, mobo drivers are all up to date.
  5. the issue ONLY happens in gimp, pc working 100% fine otherwise.
  6. this wasn't an issue prior to the factory reset, both versions of windows, driver, and gimp are the exact same unless they updated in the few hours i did factory reset which is unlikely.
  7. not a keyboard stuck using shortcuts issue.
  8. all settings are on default, like i said fresh install.
  9. only thing i havent tried is rolling back to an older version of gimp. but would be odd since it's the same exact setup was working prior to fresh install.

cad workstation specs, 6950x, 2x titan Xp in sli, msi carbon godlike x99a, 64gb dominator platinum.

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