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none hand-drawn shields
shield attempts 1(found out randonly) ,2 (w/ note) , 3(diff shape test)

[Image: shield_plasma_color_mono_map_gradient.png][Image: shield2.png]
[Image: shield3.png]    [Image: shield3_0.png]

black circle/ or polar cord.
differece only render/plasma(0.1~) on top (prefered light and dark contrast)
duplicate color/map/alien map defualt
color/compnent/channelmixer/check monochro,preserver luminosity, (blue > 70?)
lower the duplicate
orginal plasma change mode

extra fix//
color/fiterpack on plasma copy
filter/map/bump map on copy
duplicate another plasma on top/ (dodge or anything)

color/threshold > black white (duplicated mergered)
color to alpha/ remove either color
change to black(invert?)
disort/polar cord./to polar
get x,y on sheild center/ radial motion blur/++angel (overlayed)

or shadow//
light&shdaow/drop_shadow (any mode)

main layers
plasma (any mode)
plasma copy (difference)
black circle/shape (normal)

bump tut(not by me)
Result is nice, but explanations are a bit short Smile

I love plasma, applied to a layer mask there is no better way to get an eroded look.


Even better, if you use the same plasma for the bump map and the erosion mask (may require Color>Invert) the erosion aligns with the bumps, which is where it would happen in real life. The ned result feels fairly realistic.

Thanks for the replied. When I used plasma, those need quiet of bit tweaking. So the explanation only provide the rough steps.

I'll take note on your erode effect, layer mask isn't easy when tried in the past.

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