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After a few try-outs, I've seen that the truchet plugin give a sharper hatch than the hatch plugin. I know, its only visible when one magnify a thin line hatch but I just want to mentioned it. On the other hand, the ofnuts hatch plugin is as always an upgrade for gimp.
Uh? What kind of hatch are you trying to do and what setting did you use?
Small update on SourceForge; you can now define cap styles on the dashes, and use "names" for some settings in the configuration file.
I just tried to make a simple hatch. It could be that I have the settings wrong, but this was the result ( image scaled up). I scaled it because I saw a sort of moiré effect on an image if normal scaled and I want to know what the caused this (it could also be that I have to buy new glasses.....).  

Hatching is a regular pattern so you get moiré very easily. A slight blur can improve things, but you can also try a slightly different angle (or use a longer dash period because this could be your problem). Otherwise hatching patterns are not meant to be pixel-peeped.

Some example patterns I used to try things...

Coming feature: now the dashing is computed so that it is exactly symmetric around the center of the hatched area. This makes it a lot easier to control how two opposite hatchings combine with each other.

New version uploaded.

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