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This plugins tries to emulate someone hammering a pen on a paper to create hand-made stippling. Basically it converts a luminance map into random paintbrush strokes:


At its worst is can generate  lo-fi version of photographs, but the smallest visible detail is around 20x larger than the brush size and it requires a lot of preliminary tweaking:


As usual it can be found here.


PS: Old timers will notice some likeness with RobA's "Random Density Map" script. Actually the ideas are similar. The main differences are:
  • this script tries harder to be luminosity-accurate
  • this script is somewhat faster
  • this script is is not as resource intensive (RDM blows the undo stack to gigantic proportions)
  • RDM has some more functionalities
A little test with the ofn-manual-stippling plugin with a layer with a color picture and a white layer. Settings on the plugin : Brush coverage 80 / Gamma tweak 05 / Jitter 1). Then set the layer mode from the result on 'Dodge'. 

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