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Just made a small update. In the simple cases (two lines, plus maybe a "guide", you can have everything in a single path, instead of  making a path for each).

New version available at the usual place.
Just an observation that I hope might be helpful to someone else.

At least in my case, (if I'm not mistaken), the name of this plugin in the previous version is

Before installing the new version, I renamed the installed version by adding .bakk to the end of the name, with the false idea that in this way I would make a backup copy of a safe version and that this version would not conflict with the new version in progress to be installed.

However, both versions are still present after restarting The Gimp.
Fortunately in this case both appear in the same menu and it is easy and quick to notice the duplicity.

But when new versions bring new names and new access menus, it is not always so obvious to detect duplicates.
Samj PortableGimp 2.10.28 - Win-10 /64.
No, path-inbetweener (no ofn- prefix), is an even earlier version (2014).  Also, ofn-stroke-fill-paths replaces stroke-visible-paths as indicated in the "Deprecated scripts" section  on the download page:


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