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Coming next, stars on segments (and a segment divider)...

Also, ellipses:


The doodling is strong with that one.
The boss at the end of the level:

Nice stuff you are making, ofnuts !
Soon at a SourceForge shadow near you ... but that last one turned out to be a hackathon of sorts so the code has become a mess and I need to clean that up before going public . It also needs some serious documentation. RRP as above look like natural candidates for badges. In fact the hackathon was mostly finding a way to create concentric RRPs in the picture above, there are three, the inner polygon, the outline, and the invisible one which was used for text-along-path.
I hope one day you can code us a Periodic Wave Extension for Inkscape.
Needed a sine wave recently and trying in Inkscape made me almost jump out of the window.

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