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opening from and saving to local folders
I can't browse my local folders within Gimp 2.10.
Therefore opening files from different folders or saving to a folder of my choice is impossible.
Don't have this problem with Gimp 2.8, neither had this problem with all previous versions.
Dragging pictures into Gimp works but it is cumbersome to say the least.
Wonder that no-one mentioned this before or am I missing something? Huh
I tested with Gimp 2.10.0 Rev 2 from portable apps.

Thanks in advance for any helpful hint.
Similar post here:

see if anything there applies.
Thank you very much for the quick reply! Smile
I can replicate the problem in a Win7 64bit VM with the portableapps Gimp 2.10 (A regular Gimp 2.10.0 installation works correctly.)

File -> Open does not show any of the drives C: and an external E:

It will open images in "MyPictures" / "MyDocuments" / "Desktop" To me that looks like anything "user" owned.

However drag-and-drop from other sources seems to work.

The application same as previous portableapps Gimp is 32 bit. Assume that is for portability to older Windows systems. It is very picky about where it runs from. Does not like either "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86).

Must be a bug in the way the application is compiled.

If you can manage with 64 bit only then there is a portable Gimp 2.10.0 at
I'm using samj's portable pack.
I can open any image from any folder (my Gimp portable is installed on my desktop, not on a separate device)

I am on Win7 x64 (should have mentioned it in my opening post).
Gimp portable 2.10 x64-bit from partha works as it should. All local folders are listed and can be opened.
Problem solved! Smile
My initial problem was caused by the build made by Portable Apps.

Thanks again!


Thanks for your hint.
Since the portable from partha works fine, I didn't test samj's portable farther on.

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