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palettes and gradients not imported (and maybe not saved?)
I've recently changed computers, and copied all my palettes and gradients from Gimp 2.10 on my old computer into the directories set on my new one:

file managers, terminal all show the files are there but they do not appear in the list, no matter how many times I refresh. When I navigate to that folder in the import palettes dialog it shows no files.

I've successfully manually imported a few (of many) palettes by copying the files to a different directory in my home, renaming them to .txt and importing them individually from there (although it doesn't read the number of columns).
However I don't see any duplicate files in the /home/chris/.var/app/org.gimp.GIMP/config/GIMP/2.10/palettes/ directory in a file manager or terminal and a new palette I created for testing is not found anywhere on the system when searched for by name (but does persist after closing and reopening gimp).

Importing all the palettes and gradients individually is not really practical, and given that I can't find new ones in a file manager I don't know how to back them up (or even if they are going to persist between sessions?).
Given the ~/.var/app location I assume that you are running the flatpak version? This is more or less sandboxed so it has a strange view of the file system.

You always put your palettes/gradients in a directory that you can easily access by oher means (and make part of your backups), and add that directory to the set of directories that Gimp searches for assets, see Edit>Preferences>Folders).

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