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raw files in gimp 2.8 win 7 32bit
is there a download/plugin link for opening raw files in gimp 2.8 for windows 7, 32 bit?

i havnt yet played with a raw file and have been sent some (i model, i get pics sent me), im quite excited to play but as yet gimp doesnt see raw files...
(07-24-2019, 09:12 PM)Savanna Wrote: hi, 
is there a download/plugin link for opening raw files in gimp 2.8 for windows 7, 32 bit?

As a Gimp plugin for Gimp 2.8 you can use this version (from MareoQ) of nuFraw.

Download from  5.5 MB

You might install like this:


Download the zip (1)  Click on the zip to open (2)  Put the whole nufraw folder somewhere convenient. I suggest your User folder (up to you, you have to find it in Gimp) (3)


Start up Gimp. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Folders -> plug-ins (4) Then add the nufraw folder using (5) then (6) to browse to (7) the nufraw folder OK that which gives an entry (8) Restart Gimp to take effect.


File -> Open and choose the RAW file as any other. nuFraw should open as this grumpy-cat panasonic rw2 file. You can experiment with the options. Some will not work Lens correction for example.  Click the little arrow icon to sent into Gimp. The best you get into Gimp 2.8 is an 8 bit image so treat nuFraw just as a way to get the file open. Tried this version with a Nikon NEF and a Canon CR2 so a reasonable chance it works with your format.
Thank you for brillaint, clear instructions. Al downloaded ok (as far as i can see by following instructions) however.. it isnt seeing the files to open. In the folders they are the same name as he jpeg's so i have copied a RAW to the desktop in order to isolate it, but wheni go to open it isnt seen. have tried it the other way round, ie going to the RAW file, right click, open with.. but cannot find Gimp as an option, even when i tell it i want to find the program myself.. whats gone wrong? what have i missed..?
incidentally, NEF and CR2 are the types i have
Did you in Gimp use  File -> Open and choose the RAW file ? Thumbnails will not show until a file has been opened the first time.


If no 'raw' files showing then maybe some installation issue. Check the path in Edit -> Preferences -> Folders-> plug-ins

Alternatives. Use some other application. There is a 32 bit version of XnConvert that should work. Convert to a png or tif, maybe.

looks like this screenshot
ok, checked file - open and it doesnt list the RAW files, only jpegs.
checked the path, as suggested, Edit -> Preferences -> Folders-> plug-ins. all seems to be there ok.

next stop would be to try another application maybe.. but i am on the verge of binning windows and going back to Ubuntu.. its been a while, ive not had it on this system, i miss it, but im a little apprehensive of making the move in case i mess up.. but if i did.. would that likely be better?
One last check / alternative fix. 
Did you unzip the file?
Alternative installation. Unzip. Take the 16 files from the nufraw folder and put all of them into C:\Users\"yourname"\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins  Not the best way since those files all jumbled up with existing plugins but does not rely on adding the path. Again a try in my 32 bit Win7 and working ok.


I use (k)ubuntu 18.04 - but then it is a 64 bit installation. Assuming your computer CPU is 64 bit then there are more options, Gimp 2.10 (and Rawtherapee for example, which really is an application as well as Gimp integration) . I do use nuFraw just to get those RAW images into Gimp. If your computer really is 32 bit then support is limited. It is what you are comfortable with.
yes, unzipped.
Not sure whats happening, but something isnt right, be it me or PC.The files wont move into plugins...

One of my photographers, who now uses lightroom, sent me a link to Rawtherapee, which i have just downloaded and had a quick look at. It looked kind of gimp -ish and hearing you say it can be a Gimp integration is quite exciting.

I had Ubuntu 14.04 on an old laptop a few years ago, when with my now ex, who was a computer engineer was here. We got given some 'old' windows systems and as we both play Runescape, which at the time didn't work on Linux,we kept the windows systems as they were.. no idea if it does now or not, however i now have two windows systems as when he left he left one for my Granddaughter to use, so i could easily now convert to Ubuntu without any worries of being able to do all i wanted to..

So, i am seriously considering going over to Ubuntu..

As for rawtherapee.. tell me more..

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