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re: Octave and Wavelet Sharpen
I've seen a video that describes Octave and Wavelet Sharpen but I don't see them in the tools. The video was for 2.8.

Are these plugins or no longer used in 2.10?

Thank You

Wavelet decomposition seems to be in standard Gimp now (Filters>Enhance>Wavelet decomposition)
But that isn't the same as 'sharpen', is it?
you can get Wavelet Sharpen here:

not sure if it works for 2.10, but the plug-in is for 32 and 64 bit (which i think is the requirement)

also here:
You can find both wavelet and octave sharpening with a search. 
A couple of versions of octave around, this from Sourceforge. 
A compiled for Win 64bit Gimp 2.10 from samj. 
Screenshots to show they work in Win10 64 bit Gimp 2.10.2:

While I do use wavelet sharpen sometimes, wavelet decompose is also a useful tool. All depends on the image. The Gimp 2.10 filter puts the layers into a folder by default. I prefer a simple stack as:

attached: wavelet-sharpen.exe Unzip put in Gimp 2.10 plugin folder

Note for alternative. The equivalent are also included in the gimp plugin g'mic

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