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repair file associations
I've installed GIMP 2.99.12 in parallel to GIMP 2.10.32. Automagically the file associations changed to 2.99.
So doubleclicking on a XCF or JPG etc. opens 2.99.
A few years ago the installer had a window "Select file associations".
That's gone.

In the Windows settings for the Standard Apps the file types remain "GIMP 2.10.32".
The App is "GIMP" but you cannot see if it's 2.10 or 2.99.

I cannot change the file types (was possible in Windows-XP).

How can i repair the file associations so GIMP 2.10 is standard (as it was before the installing of GIMP 2.99) ?

I can not find any 'magic' way to repair the Gimp 2.10 file associations.

I noticed the change before when setting up a Windows XnViewMP as a file launcher for Gimp. Very annoying.

What is possible is remove the Gimp 2.99 file associations. I differenced a before-after to give a Windows reg file of the changes. Run the attached 299.reg (unzip it first) and that removes them, leaving the Gimp 2.10 values.

...but first before you do anything have a look at this 1 minute animation and see if it is what you require.

As with anything Windows & registry related, absolutely no guarantee.

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(10-14-2022, 10:57 AM)rich2005 Wrote: ...see if it is what you require.
exactly! Thanks a lot! Big Grin

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