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resizing selection
Hi,  I used to be able to use the transform button and have the selection move coinciding horizontal & vertical at the same time, if I dragged at the right point.  It won't do that anymore.  One side or another.   shift T
 There are white turned squares.
There are squares at the corners.
There are smaller squares centered on each side.

The small squares used to do both sides equally.
Not any more.
Do you know what happened?
Thank you,
Terry.  Smile
I do not know about the Mac version of Gimp but the description sounds like the Gimp 2.10 Unified Transform tool. To constrain the proportions try:

Click in the large corner square, it should have changed colour and the icon to a 'scaling type'
Hold the ctrl key down (it will be command in OSX I suppose) and drag.

Hi Thank you,
In Siera OS the shift button works with the corner squares and side squares

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