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resynthesizer does not work on Windows 7 32-bit
Everything is in the title, resynthesizer does not work on Windows 7 32-bit.
GIMP 2.10.32 > GIMP itself works fine, and latest BIMP as well.

It is on another computer which is on Windows 7 32 bit (2GB RAM), it's the resynthesizer from rich2005's post > the partha one, which works just fine on the other Window 7 64-bit
On 32-bit W7 it just throw errors (did not took screenshot, though)

Does some one have a version of resynthesizer for 32 bit OS/windows?
You need a 32 bit version.

This originally comes from a samj archive "Filtres_Divers_Gimp-2.10_Win32-Win64"

Trying out in a Win7 32 bit VM + Gimp 2.10.32 

samj gave two 32 bit versions, one does not work (associated dll gave errors) , but I have tried the one in the attachment and that works ok. A quick test using heal-selection works.

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.zip (Size: 49.51 KB / Downloads: 63)
Thanks a lot Rich, I'll download tomorrow at the office

Quote:heal-selection works

That's the most important one, the one I need.
Again, thank you very much, Rich!
Just to confirm that it works well on W7 32 bit. [Image: thumbsup.png]
Thank you so much Rich!

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