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script-fu convert pdf to png WITHOUT antialiasing
(06-15-2018, 07:16 PM)Marcia Lou Wrote: Hi,

I'm new and not very technical.  Like the OP, I want to convert pdf files to png (or any other graphic format).   I want the png to be the same size and resolution as the pdf.  I know how to make the conversion but am not getting the desired resolution.  Should I use ImageMagick or is there a simple way to do this in GIMP?

The pdf files contain sheet music, mostly black images on white.   I'm using the png files in order to fit two tunes to a page.

Marcia Lou
Hi! I'd recommend you using this program to convert pdf to png. It doesn't require any extra software and works pretty fast and stable. I'm not very technical too and this tool seemed quite easy for me to use.

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