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scripts suddenly stopped working
Your screenshot shows no python. For the python plug-ins to work, you will probably need a re-installation. I can give you a replacement Python folder from my installation. Might/might-not work.

The big question is what has corrupted your Gimp installation. An AV scan? Have you used some clean-up application like C-Cleaner? No good fixing Gimp if the same problem occurs in a week or two.

A big concern is that gmic_gimp_gtk These old versions have been purged from the internet. Even while the Internet Archive lists them, not available to download. Make sure you keep the old backup of .gimp-2.8 profile containing the gmic folder. (unless of course you still have the original installer)

Not much you can do with WinXP, I tried a couple of portable Gimp 2.8.22's but these have problems as well.

Do you have plenty disk space? My preferred route would be.
Rename C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\ as a backup. Delete the new gimp profile you just made.

Then install Gimp. Folders look like

Run it to make a new empty default Gimp profile. Start again slowly one script-fu, one python plugin. Difficult to say which one, Your paper realms plugin shows up here but throws up errors (there are other ways to add guides) needs upgrading to the 2.8 version but I will use that one as an example:
thank you very much for the help.

i will try everything mentioned, hopefully i can get back to what i had minus the junk i didnt need.

thanks again and i will update when i get fininshed..

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