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setting german as operation language
Hello dear board,

I would like to do a few operations with gimp. However I get (from chip, to gimp itself ...) only versions, which contain no version in a Roman language. Of course, I can not find in Korean, Cyrillic, Arabic etc., whether German or English with the presettings is possible .....
Can someone help?

Many greetings, peter
Did you try Edit>Preferences>Interface>Language? (Gimp restart may be necessary)
Not too sure about the question.

Gimp is installed, but the interface is not using German?

If Ofnuts solution does not work, there was a bug, fixed with Gimp 2.8.22

If using an earlier version update.

some info here:
hello Ofnuts,

thanks for your answer. yes, i have. The problem is, all languages, which in the selection are completely foreign to me, Korean, Arabic ... I can even not find out what could be German -.-

hi rich2005, i have version 2.8.22
excuse me, but that dropdown-menue "languages" contains only eastern, or far eastern languages ?
If the problem is that you cannot find German in a list of languages which is in a foreign language, you can try to:

  • Stop Gimp
  • Locate your Gimp profile.
  • Use a text editor to open the gimprc file it contains
  • Add the line (language "de") (or replace an existing "(language...)" line
  • Restart Gimp.
If you can read the list but just cannot find German in it, then it must be an install problem because I can set my Gimp to German. I don't know of Gimpp is installed in OSX, but as a guess see if you have a "share/locale" directory in your Gimp installation, and if so is there a "de" directory in it?
i will try that, thank you Ofnuts. Could it be, that it makes a difference, with which browser i download the installer ?
No, all browsers should download the same thing (if you use the same URL). Where did you download from?

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