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[split] Gimp 2.10 Text Justification.
(08-01-2021, 04:16 PM)rich2005 Wrote: The GIMP acronym should be changed to Gimp Is no Text Editor

The text tool justification options are there in the Tool Options.

What is possible, a short video 4 minutes:

Hey everyone!

I'm Roy I just found out about this forum.

I tried to find an answer  using the search button but I couldn't find one, I hope I'm posting this message at the right place.

I've been having a recurent problem with the text justification (but not every time I use it). Thing is... the right side of the text box is cut out, cutting out a portion of every letter :

Is there a way to avoid this ? Am I doing something wrong ? 

Thank you !

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Difficult to say from the screenshot. Can you post either the .xcf file (maybe drop box or similar) or a screenshot of the whole Gimp interface, especially the layers dock. Something like this exaample.


Worth looking for white text on a white margin, white-on-white = invisible.  The text tool options vs the on canvas tool is a bit strange, different font / size ?? 
Has any of this come from a Photoshop file ?
Thank you for your quick response! 

I was talking about the right side of the text box where the last letter of each phrase is cut out a bit

Here is a sample of the file 
Thanks, I see the clipped characters, and I can duplicate that. A search does come up with a bug report a problem with the cairo font rendering library the Gimp developers use. Not looking like an immediate fix, but worth checking with the next Gimp 2.10.28 which is out soon.

What is possible is a 'fake-it' procedure.
With the text layer active, Layer -> Text to Path
Make a new transparent layer above the text layer
Fill the text path with white Edit -> Fill Path

Wooo Big Grin

Thank you for that!

It's a perfect temporary solution and it doesn't take too much time.

Thanks again and thank you for the GIF explanation.


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