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strange error message
i just began using Silverfast scanner software with my old Nikon Coolscan and i'm getting this message when i open newly-scanned slides for the first time:

TIFF IMAGE MESSAGE unknown field with tag 35243 (o689ab) encountered message repeated 9 times.

there's no problem, i'm just wondering what this error message means. can anyone enlighten me?
TIFF means "Tag Image File Format" because various parts of a file are identified with tag (which is just a number, often written in its hexadecimal form (0x89AB is hex for 35243)). There are standard tags but applications can define their own tags to identify specific parts; for instance, the "raw" CR2 image files from Canon cameras are TIFF images with Canon-specific data.

So, your message just means that your scanner software encoded a tag that the TIFF file loader doesn't recognize. Maybe it's a new standard tag (because you are using an old file loader) or maybe it is just a proprietary tag. 35243 (0x89AB) looks like a standard TAG but I couldn't find it defined anywhere. If the image loads it's not important.

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