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stripes generator
Stripes, easy to make in gimp but if one want more complicated ones, then it can be time consuming. In this case Easy to Stripe Generator 2.0 can help you:
Just play with the sliders and download the generated work of art as png file. There is also a possibility to load ready made stripes:
- click on 'Your Stripes'
- click on one of the stripes examples or in the text page below the examples
- click on the small button next to the example:  play with tile
- now you can download the stripes as png file or change the stripes using the sliders and the download your work.
To use the stripes png file in gimp :
- load the png file
- select / all
- edit / copy
- make a new canvas (File / New)
- use the Bucket Fill Tool to fill the canvas with the stripes 
Wilber in stripes :

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