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superblade pro
I have gimp 2.8 and everytime I try to use the plugin superblade pro 1.95 in gimp I get this: [Image: sRpY5ai.png]
the letter is L and even when I hit apply it doesn't work what am I doing wrong. I have the marching ants around it. I have tried float and defloat to no advail. I even tried 1.80 and still not working. Thanks in advance for any help y'all can give
You should not be too surprised. Presumably you are using pspi which is (1) old (2) 32 bit & (3) very old , with an up-to-date PS plugin. Is this a trial version of SBpro ? Has the trial expired ?

An equally old version of Superblade - 1.42 from 2004 does work here: Win 7 32 bit, Gimp 2.8.something screenshot:
..but I think not 100% Color pickers not working, seem to recall this is a issue for many .8bf plugins if you are not using PS.

You can always go back to Gimp basics and find out how to use the Gimp tools and filters. In this case a fill then a bevel filter.
See this thread:

The last post (#9) reads:
"Super Blade Pro is very old, I think the last time they actually updated the plugin was 2011.
The reason I like using isn’t because BRL is lacking. I just like to see if I can still use old stuff I paid for years ago."
thanks Ill try an older version. I have the key for it but I know in photo shop the L would be the only thing colored nothing around the outside in the preview. maybe its just not destined to work right. thanks for letting me know about the older version I'll see if i can find something before 1.24 maybe that will work I was thing about going to 2.10 of gimp but I make things for sims 4 and the cloud filter works really good for flowy fabric. lol
After blighty's post I got the 1.95 version. End of the help pdf says 2017 so not that old.

Will not work with my Win7 32 bit / Gimp 2.8 (virtualbox). The pspi plugin complains about missing vcruntime140.dll - looks like FB was made using MS visualstudio and I am not installing that in Win7

However it does work - the 32 bit .8bf - in a Win10 64 bit / Gimp 2.10.20 (virtualbox). Make what you will of that.

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