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tab thumbnail
Is there a way to change the tab thumbnail for a text with the name of the archive, something like the example.

Usually have to work with images that look the same in the thumbnail, so a text would be better for me.

Not a bad idea but what criteria is used for name.  For readability and size of tab the name has to be a sensible length. 4 or 5 characters. That makes most of my images from camera have the same name, p1010 The current open image file name is shown in the Gimp window, alas not a solution to your many very similar tab icons.

I would suggest a hover over 'hint' as this:


Whatever the requirement, it is the Gimp developers (none on this forum) who implement any change. 
You need to ask on  where you can tag as 'enhancement'. 
Do not hold your breath, I got knocked back recently on re-raising a 12 year old un-fixed bug.

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