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[trouble] unwanted switching tools Wacom tablet
Hi !
New on this forum and came for this trouble, I didn't found any relative threat. But ! I have this probleme on every machines, and with another same tablet.

the problem :

when using the pen, gimp switch randomly to corepen (normal mouse) tool.
sometime it keeps it until I go left, upon tools selection icons, sometimes it switches very quickly between pen/mouse tools.

tried :
  • I already tryed to disconnect mouse, suspecting slow moves could have caused switching the tool for a correct reason.
  • finger touch off

Stuff :
  • Wacom pen&touch (2 differents)
  • problem occurs on multiple computers
  • W10
  • The Gimp 2.10.22
  • logitech mouse (if any know driver problem with)
I also encountered driver and classical trouble causing no pressure sense, every thing works great.

If someone have a trick or working solution, thank you  very much. It's borring me a lot and cause realy long work.

Thanks Smile
hi !
I found a workaround -> go at left and tap in void.

It allows me to work.

Example of trouble : working great until i do "Ctrl+Z" - then it switchs to maincore's tool and have a lot of lag, gimp'cursor don't follow the pointer. just going left and tap, then it's OK.
sorry for the bump, but if someones knows why gimps switches like this, it would help. It happens on different computers and with too different tablets.

I would expect this kind of behavior if your tablet is marginal and the connection has temporary lapses. If the table flawless with other apps?

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