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trouble with GMIC QT installation (solved)
Since a few releases of both GIMP and GMIC, I have  a recurrent error each time GMIC  is invoked from filters list. The filters are running in the end, but I have to acknoledge many error windows.

Error message  say that "blablabla entry point in xyz dll  is not found". I think after several unsuccessful attempts, Gmic manages to locate and load adequate DLL's .

I think the mess in directory path  is due to several historical version of gimp that are still present on the computer : at install time, GMIC qt is probably fooled and get installed at the wrong place, thus causing subsequent errors.

The work around solution is to seek and uninstall all "fossile" occurence of GIMP and GMIC.  I have used uninstaller of GIMP, and uninstaller also when they where found in gmic directories. After that, I have erased (yes, this is somewhat brutal)  all old directories related to GIMP / GMIC.

I have lost customization settings but it was not critical at that point.  Make simply sure to save your settings (i don't know how to do it) and also the references of your favorite add-ons , so that you can reinstall them.

So far so good, GMIC is accessed flawlessly without any error window popping up.

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