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.webp Musings
[Image: Angryhanks-Persp-Sm.webp]

This surprised me a bit. I wanted to add the "illuminated" red text to the above cartoon. And of course .gif does not support partial transparency, so the glow around the letters was a problem.

See my "work in progress" screen here (large)

As you will notice, I was planning on using the full sized background file, with just a smaller layer to show the reddened text. Utilizing the (combine) attribute on both layers. This strategy  has worked well for me with gifs numerous times...but alas the partial I decided to go with .webp

And, it worked.  But I was surprised to discover that gimp automatically generated a duplicate of the back ground layer in it's entirety, and combined that with the red letters to create a new second layer, at full size. You can download the above image and open it in gimp to verify.
Basically it "deoptimized" the animation, in conventional .gif parlance

Which gave me sort of a "duh" moment, realizing that I could have done the same thing with a gif, and managed the partial transparency in a way that .gif would not plunder.

But, there is a silver lining.  The .webp version is still half the file size compared to a "doctored" gif version.


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