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what is best free software just for adding professional text , titles ? on video
what is best free software or website (do not have good internet@~) just for adding professional text , titles on videos ? ready for use with many templates? or it able to make!
 i can find free and open source video editors but , text feature is not good on it! so which you think can do it !
I do not think there is much that is free and easy to use. Guessing you just want to type in some words, click a few buttons and get a video delivered to you. If you find one, tell everyone.

The place to look for video tools
and a search there titlemakers: I do not think many there that are free.

Video editors for some reason create die-hard supporters.

One you could try is Openshot. Reasonably easy to use on a basic click-and-drag level. As with most things you soon need more than basic

A very quick example, using a couple of Gimp png for titles

[Image: hPeRFNA.jpg]

Older and more complicated is using a frame-server avisynth and a NLE Avidemux.
As you can see, you need to know a bit about video formats and editing scripts.

[Image: 0fBjZlq.jpg]

This as the example from openshot:
there are many open source video editors softwares  and free ver of paid ver like  hitfilm express!  lightworks etc ! 
 i think if i google it can reach some sites can do it online of course with Freemium and not every one have good internet ! but software , the answer of the question depends on personnel experts that is why i am asking for just ( text ) feature not all video editor features because i think i know most video editors .
 i just can not find what i search for. any way what i will lose from asking !

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