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working on new gimp formula
Got a broken picture to show, its a bit misaligned but its got alot of potential, I just need a bit of time to stuff it up a bit longer then I'll have all these powerful images to show.
As a thumbnail its really good at tricking you a really awesome picture is there,  and I know what to do to fix it up.


And heres another one I did of Humpty Dumpty. (the aftermath.)


So they are missing a bit of definition, but the cool thing is I can do them pretty quickly,  so I'm looking extend the idea into some fairly long books where unless u can do 'em fast theres no point, then maybe ill be getting closer to the niche for it.  Even tho ai art has pretty much shooken things a fair bit, so its just for fun in the aftermath of mans furious invention.
Here... I did a really good one.   Just call me "mr arteestie" from now on.


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