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wrapping text round an invisible pipe
Hi, I've looked at several videos that describe how to distort text in different ways, but none have tried to achieve what I want: As if you have an invisible, horizontal, pipe that you've stuck a text label to, and then looked at it off to one side so you can see the curve in the text. In other words, so that the text is pulled sideways to the right in the middle of each character, as if it was stuck to the side of a pipe.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Mike Hersee

I've just realised an error - it's showing as Gimp version 2.8, which I entered because it was the one I've used most, but I've now got 2.10.12. I can't see how to change that in my profile.
There was a similar thread here:

Basically use this:
Filters > Map > Map Object and Map to Cylinder
For some reason I could not find that post again Wink So as a new project.

Something like this ?


You can probably do it by eye with the warp tool, but strictly you map to an object  Filters -> Map -> Map Object in this case a cylinder.

Some settings to get you started.

Another way Wink

Since the deformation object is a 'theoretical' horizontal cylinder, an alternative  way to the Gimp Map-Object filter is one of Ofnuts path tools

Find the path tools here,   and the ofn-bend-path zip is about 11 down. Help file is in the zip.

 I got this:


and it is all good practice, since it uses various Gimp tools and modes that any Gimp user should be aware of.

A video of the procedure

direct link:  Duration - A long one for me - 6 minutes.

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