Terms and conditions
  1. The admins are the ultimate authority on this forum. They will try to be democratic and civil, but will always have the final word.
  2. You keep the copyright of everything you post on this forum (text in posts, and attachments such as images or code), but you give the forum owners the irrevocable rights to publish it here on this same forum. Admins and owners can reject requests to remove your contributions, and we can restore them if necessary.
  3. The admins do their best to keep this forum fit for all ages, but, due to their European culture, they can come across as rather laid-back on some subjects and tight-fisted on others. In that case, see rule 1)
  4. Admins and moderators can use every means at their disposal to keep obnoxious users at bay: temporary or permanent user banning, IP banning... This may also include reporting user name, email address and IP address to StopForumSpam.com.

TL;DR: We try to manage this forum as sensible adults, we expect members to be the same.


  1. For the proper operation of the forum, we don't require any personal data other than a valid email address, which is not disclosed to other members (unless you use the "Send email" option), and which we will not share with third parties unless required by law or spam control purposes. Everything else (age, gender, location, not mentioning your secret AOL address) is shared with other members but can filled/forged as you see fit.
  2. We recommend that you use a specific password for your gimp-forum.net id, or at least that you pick one different form the one used in your more important accounts (email (and especially the one you used to register here), bank...).
  3. Your IP address(s) are recorded: the IP address you use for registration, as well as the IP address used for every single post you made.
  4. Deletion/rectification/logging: please contact the admins using the forum's PM facility. Note that deleting your id will not entail deleting your posts and attachments, they will just be associated with an anonymous id.

Last updated on 2019/11/05