Da rules

Welcome to gimp-forum.net!

Keep to the following rules and you will receive all possible help and consideration. Deviation from the rules will be reviewed by the forum administration and result in posts removed and users banned. Administration decisions are final.

General Rules

  • This forum is about GIMP use and graphics. There is a section for other topics, keep them there. Do not post religious or political content.
  • Links to images, videos, or other sites are normally not accepted unless they are part of the discussion process (as elements of a question, or part of an answer). This restriction can be lifted for individuals showing sufficient forum participation. Not abiding to this rule will be considered as spamming the forum and the posts will be summarily deleted.
  • Keep to the relevant forum section, 'plugins' in 'Plugins', art in 'Gallery'. If unsure use the "General questions" section.
  • Topic titles/subjects must be descriptive. "Help Me" is not a descriptive title. Some people are busy, and look only at topics with a subject which is in their domain of competence.
  • Do not post the same question in multiple forum sections (and avoid posting the same question all over the Internet, many people answer questions in several places...)
  • The forum aims to promote and spread information on GIMP use for all users. Do not use the forum to request assistance via e-mail or other communications.


  • Excessive use of punctuation and capitalisation is rude (ie. "HELP ME!!!????").
  • Font colours, bold and italics and other typographic variations should be used for emphasis of parts of a post, not an entire post.
  • No personal insults or trolling will be tolerated.
  • This is an English speaking forum. Post in English. Every effort is made to assist users where English is not first language.
  • Do not quote long posts and follow with a short reply. If a quote is necessary, edit the quote to suit the reply.
  • In summary, 'Keep it Short', always include the full GIMP version and operating system in your post. Don't overload the post with too much specific detail.