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  Can not find Liquid rescale
Posted by: Kevdavey - 11-01-2017, 07:43 AM - Forum: OSX - Replies (1)

Hi everyone,

I started using GIMP a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. I was looking to change an image size and not have it distort. I found that other versions have a liquid rescale tool and my version does not. I was trying to find a way to install the plug in but the main download website says that I should already have it being an OS X user. I am using version 2.8.22. 

I hope someone can help. Big Grin

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  Error compiling GIMP on Ubuntu 17.10
Posted by: crazyBaboon - 10-31-2017, 11:33 PM - Forum: Linux and other Unixen - Replies (1)

Hi folks!

I am following this tutorial using Ubuntu 17.10: https://ninedegreesbelow.com/photography...tists.html. When I try to compile GIMP using the following code:

    cd $SRC_DIR/gimp
    ./autogen.sh --prefix=$PREFIX --with-gimpdir=$HOME/code/gimpdefault/install/config --disable-gtk-doc

I get the following error:

    WARNING: GCC 7.2.0 has a serious bug affecting GEGL/GIMP. We advise
             against using this version of the compiler (previous and
             further versions are fine).
             See https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=787222

    Error: GIMP configuration failed.

      - Error: missing dependency libmypaint >= 1.3.0

    See the file 'INSTALL' for more help.

    Configure failed or did not finish!

Any idea what to do solve this problem?

ps: I have used "export GIO_EXTRA_MODULES=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gio/modules" since this is a Ubuntu (debian-based) system. I have also installed libmypaint by doing:

    cd $SRC_DIR/libmypaint
    ./autogen.sh --prefix=$PREFIX
    ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX
    make -j3 && make -j3 install

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  gimp does something odd on startup
Posted by: gimpysparrow - 10-31-2017, 09:16 PM - Forum: Windows - Replies (6)

Whenever I start my laptop, within a couple minutes gimp automatically starts (not my choice) and loads an image of the HP logo.

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  Strange GUI behaviour.
Posted by: Zero01 - 10-31-2017, 06:51 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (4)


[GIMP 2.8.22]
This happened a month or two ago, just came across the screenshot again.
I had a multiple layered image open and was possibly running a script on all layers. Seem to remember it was affecting my computer as a whole (slow, or non-responsive at times).
Anyway just though I'd post to see if anyone has had anything like this happen to them?

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  Any plugin for open multiple image in paint.net
Posted by: shinprog - 10-31-2017, 10:01 AM - Forum: Extending the GIMP - Replies (1)

original thread : http://gimpforums.com/thread-any-plugin-...-paint-net
it is a copy Smile

I'm new in this forum !
I'm a french fan-translator and I translate mangas .

I like paint.net but there is not cool stable alternative in ubuntu.
If I open multiple images,gimp opens these images in different window,but in paint.net,there is just one window and you can select your image.
It's a problem if I want to edit 25 pictures...
[Image: 1509443693.png]

Is there a way or a plugin to do the same thing in gimp?

thanks !

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  How to make pressed text effect
Posted by: Geos - 10-31-2017, 12:30 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (5)


I love this effect and want to use it for a logo on my photos but this tutorial is so poorly done I can't follow. Is there a better one somewhere? Thanks.

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  Help Browser Crashing
Posted by: ubiquity - 10-31-2017, 12:01 AM - Forum: Windows - Replies (2)

I am running Windows 10 on this computer and recently upgraded to Gimp 2.8.22
When I try to open the User Manual using the Help Menu/Help (F1) the 2.2 Image window opens but then fails to respond.
Eventually I have to close the window which then produces the error message
(see error.jpg)
This is happening consistently.
I do have a local installation
(see helpsys.jpg)
and I can open the manual in Firefox but would prefer to have the internal browser.
I don't see the help-browser.exe plugin in the Plugin Browser.
Is there somewhere to obtain the executable to replace the existing file or should I re-install Gimp 2.8.22?
Does anyone else have this issue?
Thanks for any help you might be able to provide Smile

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  Help with black outline
Posted by: Megs123 - 10-30-2017, 06:48 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (1)

Ok. I'm new to GIMP and not very photo-editing savvy.

I have an image with a transparent background, and a bunch of white and red text and some linework. 

I need to put a black outline around it as I need it to be on a background that is half white and black. 

I've tried to follow the tutorial video's I've found on YouTube but have somehow ended up just blacking out the entire image. 

Can anyone help?

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  Remove Chromatic Aberrations
Posted by: silc - 10-30-2017, 10:36 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (4)

Dear experts,

Do you know if it's possible and if yes, how can I remove chromatic aberrations in GIMP?

Thanks for helping the newbie  Smile


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  edit image help
Posted by: lori17 - 10-28-2017, 04:18 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (33)

Hello from Canada
for many years I used Windows PC and purchased Adobe PS after taking a course.
I used this software a lot and became pretty efficient, if I do say so myself.
Couple years ago I left the Windows world and went Apple. I now have macbook air.

I am looking for a free photo editing software to do some specific tasks which I used to do in Adobe PS.
My instructor of days gone by said GIMP is pretty good. 

In PS i could erase or brush out part of image and replace it with my own image inserted or text. 
that is mainly what I would like to do now. 
attached is an image I would like to edit. removing the goofy looking birds and replacing with pictures of 
parents and child. 
it is a Christmas gift for my niece and first baby. 

i think i have downloaded the correct version for my Mac. any tips from the gallery?

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