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  Copying/exporting specific layers
Posted by: ebondream - 06-29-2017, 01:55 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (2)

Say I have an image with around 30 layers (experimenting with animations, hence the high number). I'd like to remove the last 12 layers and put them into a different image, so I can edit these two sequences independently, and then join them together again. Is there some way to do that that's less cumbersome than copy-pasting each individual layer?

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  Remove selective cast/stain
Posted by: The_JinJ - 06-29-2017, 08:39 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (6)

Hi all Smile

I'm looking for ways to remove selective areas of red stain/cast on an image.

I can remove an overall red cast using inverted average colour but short of converting to B&W (using the undamaged red channel) and recolouring or cloning areas I can't figure out a way to do this.

A thought was using channels somehow, maybe as a mask, as the red channel has no damage, green and blue do.

Here's an image with the general red cast removed on the left and the remaining stains on the right.

[Image: iyf5njyl.png]

Any help appreciated!

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  How to get out of the ALT+CTRL mode?
Posted by: fran330 - 06-27-2017, 05:34 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (3)

OS: Windows 10

I am new here. Thanks for this forum Smile

I wanted to be able to move a selection other than rectangle or circle. I don't mean move a layer nor the content of the selection. I mean move the selection as such.

I found out on the web about using ALT+CTRL. I used it and indeed, I was then then able to move the selection as I would a layer.

The problem: I don't know how to get out of that mode. I tried pressing ALT+CTRL again but this doesn't work. Even when I am on another image or if I quit/restart Gimp, I am still in that mode and I can't move layers anymore. Only selections accept to be moved. And many other tools are not responsive anymore.

If someone could tell me how to desactivate ALT+CTRL, I would be very grateful.
I'd like to be able to use it again and to desactivate it easily when done.

Thanks in advance,

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  Can I both stretch and outline the same text?
Posted by: ddncn - 06-26-2017, 06:44 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (3)

I need to place text over image, and then both stretch text vertically and add a black outline.

I have stretched it successfully using Layer > Scale layer. Could not outline from there.

Also I have successfully outlined the text by selecting text and then choosing Create Path from text. Add a transparent layer under text. Select from path...
Outline looks great, but Could not stretch it taller from there.Confused

These operations are all new to me.

The final form of the resulting image needs to be a jps with dpi, 1400x1400 pixel minimum, and ideally 300 dpi.   So, some other programs were ruled out.

Also unsuccessful Looking for a condensed font that could look attractive without being stretched.

Thank you so much for your help.

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  Gimp 2.9.5 Handle Transform Tool
Posted by: rich2005 - 06-26-2017, 04:58 PM - Forum: Watercooler - Replies (1)

Another occasional report on Gimp 2.9.5 progress and changes as I see them.

The Handle Transform tool has made it out of the 'playground' (the experimental section) into the regular Gimp tools.

What does it do?. The name only partly gives it away. The handles are not like the regular 'square' handles on the sides and corners of the tool. They can be placed or moved around the canvas.

The number of handles determines the function.

Two handles on the canvas and you can rotate and scale.


Three handles changes the function to shear and scale.


Four handles and you get a perspective tool.


Not restricted to a particular handle, click on any to use, and of course move around / delete as required.

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  Formula D map making
Posted by: metulburr - 06-26-2017, 12:14 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (12)

Long story short...Im a trying to make a track for a board game called Formula D. Its a board game racing game. I would be taking Google Map of real locations and laying a 3 lane track made up of squares for movement places. My track i would like to get in the final result is Nurburgring Nordschleife Cry . I was going to do a few simple ones first. Maybe my home town, etc. 

The instructions on "how to" make the board games are in terms of "macromedia freehand MX". I have never heard of it. But looking at their instructions here it looks similar to GIMP/photoshop ...just very old school. It looks as if they are just manually created the squares as the track moves. I would like to convert their instructions to GIMP as i know a little GIMP. However i am far from being an artist. 

  1. Is there a way to auto repeat the squares to not have to manually insert each sqaure around an arbitrary line of different roads/tracks? 
I guess i am looking for a formula of how to make these tracks with doing as much as i can automatically. I know i can do exactly what i want...but i am in thinking manually inserting square after square, paint each and every corner red, etc. And i know it could take forever on a small track let alone Nordschleife. 

So here is a screenshot of my home area that i am doing as test-area. EDIT cant upload a high-res photo so ill just give the coords to the location on google maps

What i have now

I used the path tool to follow the specified track, and stroke path twice, one for the road, and once with 5 pixels wider than the road  to create a boundary. However the next part i dont understand in their instructions to create a text object with "||||||||||||||||||||||" for the squares in the lanes....or how they make the lanes?

The way i am thinking to handle the lanes are to just have numerous consecutively smaller layers (5 in all). So have (from largest to smallest) white layer for boundary, black layer for outer and inner lane lines, grey layer for outer and inner lane, black layer for inner lane lines, grey layer for middle lane. That would take care of the lanes, but not sure of the text object still.

Is there a way to offset the path, so i can just stroke a black line -5 and +5 of the center stroke path?

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Photo Copy & save text off an image to use again
Posted by: Ezz9 - 06-25-2017, 06:51 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (1)

[Image: R-3551164-1334944160.jpeg.jpg]

What I want to do is save the red text from this and to place on a better photo I found. Then I can do the rest of the work to make it look new.

A lot of times the text I want to pull off is all the same color so if I can do it by color picking that would work for me, after all, picking the color highlights the text and I won't have to do all the drawing a line around it. 

The way I've been doing it now is to crop it as close as I can then fix all the things that are still with it. But there has to ba a better way than that. I would hope. Smile

I've tried looking on the web but as soon as you write the word text & photo. You find everything under the sun about text, but what I'm looking to do. lol

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  Transparency issue. Sorry!
Posted by: JackOats - 06-24-2017, 09:34 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (8)


I have opened a .png image in Gimp. It's some handwritten text in red. 

I'm trying to isolate the text & make the surrounding background transparent.

I want to have this handwritten text appear over another.png image in a short video I'm making in REAPER (the D.A.W.) without it's background.

At the moment the text image appears as red on a black background which obviously masks the underlying image.

Is it posible to make the background on the text image transparent, please?

Many thanks.

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  2 Light sources in Scripting
Posted by: trandoductin - 06-24-2017, 02:48 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (1)

I looked over a tutorial that I wanted to try to turn into script (py).
But from script, plug-in-lighting seem to only allow for 1 light source.
And calling plug-in-lighting twice doesn't produce same result as manually setting 2 light sources.

So my question is how to define 2 light sources at once so that i can follow tutorial exactly as described.

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  Macrofusion - what is it and how to with GIMP
Posted by: Shamo Huo Yan - 06-24-2017, 12:18 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (3)

Hello there. Recently joined the old forum not knowing it was discontinued, derp, so for introduction click here
As for the question I asked... One of the things I take many pictures of is Jewellery. Because they're set with gemstone (Opals) I like to get in really close and get a crisp shot of the colour play. When it comes to rings especially, the DOF is something I struggled with. Only just learned about focus stacking which has been a huge revelation, though maybe common knowledge to some.

I was proud as punch with my first attempt at this and tweeted it with mention to the official GIMP account. The comment suggested to look into "Macrofusion" which I thanked them for. Well in my serach on the web, old forum, here, can't seem to get an idea what it actually is and how to utilize it with respect to GIMP. Feel a bit embarrassed to ask as I have a feeling it could be something quite basic or hidden in plain sight.

Thanks in Advance, Andy.

The actual picture if anyone curious..

[Image: 740560732446768415]


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