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  For the anti-gun-slingers
Posted by: Ofnuts - 11-16-2017, 02:15 PM - Forum: Watercooler - Replies (3)

This one totally made my day (slightly NSFW):


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  A few thoughts about brushes
Posted by: Espermaschine - 11-16-2017, 10:51 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (4)

Coming from the Felt thread, i want to show you all a few things i observed regarding brushes.

The goal was to make a stitch brush.
The Spoongraphics example was apparently made from an image of a real thread, but i couldnt find a good quality photo of a thread in high definition, so i made a pattern from scratch in Inkscape.


The goal was to make it into a custom brush by bevelling the vector-thread-mockup and then convert into a brush.

Wasnt sure about the size, but it appears to me, that much bigger is not better, because it gets blurry when downsized anyway.

Also i was surprised that a greyscale brush always produces partially transparent brushes (left and right in figure 1).
So i ditched the idea of a greyscale brush and used a simple b/w brush instead (middle of figure 1).

When i applied the stitches with the Size/Direction Brush Dynamic, the stitches came out in varying quality depending on the angle.
In comparison i applied the same brush as a 'Pattern Along Path' in Inkscape and the result is of course much much better.
Finally i gave both versions a Bevel.

The outer Stitch was made with Inkscape and bevelled in Gimp, the inner completely in Gimp (figure 2).


(click for bigger version)

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  Rotating and scaling layer
Posted by: demcbi - 11-16-2017, 10:47 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (5)

Good day!

I have a concern in rotating and scaling a layer, which is smaller than the canvas. Every time I scale/rotate it, a part of the layer is cut off.[Image: 2vw5y11.jpg]
[Image: 116jtkk.jpg][Image: alhvh1.jpg]
[Image: 2aandyd.jpg][Image: 2i1il9v.jpg]

I believe it is possible to rotate and scale the layers without cutting some parts because I was able to do it earlier without any problems.
[Image: 5mdzsn.jpg]

I was working on the image above (red) when I accidentally clicked "crop to selection" (or was it "zealous crop"). I hit ctrl+z to undo the action. When I worked on the image again, the problem started. 

I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, but I really couldn't find anything that would help me with my concern. Most suggestions were to resize the layer, but it would really be convenient if I could do what I was doing earlier.

Thank you in advance!

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Posted by: Espermaschine - 11-16-2017, 09:49 AM - Forum: Gallery - Replies (1)

I have been following Spoongraphics blog for quite a while.
He has always cool freebies and interesting tutorials.
Its for Photoshop/AI, but most of it can be adapted for Gimp and Inkscape.

Yesterday i had a quick play with his Felt Effect, because you can download all the assets for free.


Made a new brush with the help of Inkscape, but the one provided works well in Gimp. I think he made the brush from an image of a real thread, but i couldnt find a suitable one on the internet.
You could even make the stitches without a custom brush.
The seamless felt textures are included as seamless png's, so thats easy to use as well.

Looks pretty real, doesnt it ? Smile


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  Hard Edge Painting
Posted by: sgreeny12 - 11-15-2017, 11:47 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (7)

My wife is a big fan of an artist Jeff Koons. I'm not the most familiar with this but she says he paints in a style called hard edge. 

Here is a link to the type of picture I'm referring to: 

As you can see none of the colors are blended or faded. Its clear demarcation of different colors and shades. Does anyone have any ideas on a filter or a tutorial on how to take an already existing picture and turn it into a hard edge style painting. Thanks so much.

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  German New Wave Cable TV
Posted by: Espermaschine - 11-15-2017, 09:18 PM - Forum: Gallery - Replies (2)


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  Gimp 2.9.7 Paste In Place
Posted by: rich2005 - 11-15-2017, 01:46 PM - Forum: Gimp 2.9.x - No Replies

Another update arrived.

What is new?  There are additions to the Edit -> Paste options. These came from user a request, so the developers do take notice of wishes (sometimes)

Paste In Place
Here I copied a selection, pasted into a smaller canvas with the copy at the same x,y as the original.

[Image: 8fjOu6G.jpg]

...and.. a new splash when loading

[Image: WfIW9sS.jpg]

If you know any obscure developer jokes do not post here, send them to the developers mailing list Wink

For 'buntu (and derivatives)

The PPA for installing Gimp 2.9.x in place of Gimp 2.8.x 
see https://launchpad.net/~otto-kesselgulasc...gimp-edge/ for instructions.

To keep your existing Gimp 2.8 and try out Gimp 2.9 the portable version assembled from that PPA
Links are still here: https://www.gimp-forum.net/Thread-Portab...-for-linux

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  brush and pencil only drawing in dots cant switch to solid line
Posted by: mikapixie - 11-14-2017, 07:30 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (2)

Please help, the title says it al, brush and pencil are only drawing in dots cant switch to solid linel. I have done all I know to do and looked up at least a dozen tutes without success. I have been having issues for a week now and am late presenting to my client. I have GIMP 2.8.22
Kind thanks

.xcf   dottedlinecat.xcf (Size: 500.28 KB / Downloads: 32)

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  text in shapes
Posted by: irhino2 - 11-13-2017, 11:33 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (8)

I'm pretty newnew to Gimp and just learning. 
I'm pretty new to Gimp.

Is it possible to easily lay out text in a preset shape (cross)?
Is there anyway to easily lay out text in certain shapes (cross)??
Is there anyway to easily lay out text in certain shapes (cross)??

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  Pen Tablet and general movement not reliable
Posted by: Lazerlord - 11-13-2017, 03:07 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (4)

There are quite a few details as to how GIMP is behaving on my computer, so skip to the TL:DR if you want a summary.

I'm currently using GIMP 2.8.22 on a windows 8.1 64-bit installation on my laptop with a Turcom 8" x 6" tablet connected. The primary issue is with drawing; I cannot draw in GIMP with the pen tablet. I can draw with the mouse, but when I put the pen on the tablet, I can only place a dot. Moving the pen around still moves around the cursor, but it doesn't actually draw. If I drag the cursor to one of the toolbox areas of the screen while holding the tablet down (like drawing), it draws a straight line from where I started to where the cursor ended on the toolbox section (I use single window mode). It seems to pick up on the pressure with which I jab the tablet with (I can place light or dark dots), but obviously I want to do more than just place dots. I have already gone into the input configuration windows and set the tablet to use the "screen" and all of the features of the pen are configured in the driver. The pen works in the other software I use, but not in GIMP. I tried GIMP 2.6.8, and it just worked right after installation; I didn't need to change anything. Am I missing something?

As for the movement issues, it seems that nearly every movement command that is issued by not directly clicking on the scroll bar (Middle click to pan, scroll wheel, and zooming with ctrl) do not work until some amount of time has passed with the drawing window being active (about 5 seconds?) or until one of the scroll bars has been clicked. Because middle clicking is the only way I would move around when using the pen tablet, this is a must-have feature that needs to work reliably.

I feel like both of these issues are being caused by some weird active window shenanigans, but that's about as much as I can think of. It just doesn't work.

GIMP version: 2.8.22
Operating system: Windows 8.1 64-bit
Pen Tablet: Turcom TS-6608N
Computer: Lenovo Y500 Laptop

TL;DR: I have set up the drawing tablet to work in GIMP, but it only places dots and cannot make strokes. The mouse can. In addition, the keyboard and mouse driven movement controls (pan, scroll, zoom) don't work until I have physically clicked on the scroll bar.

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