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A few basic quick fire questions...
I've been using Gimp for sometime now.
I think I am doing some things wrong.

I have a few quick fire questions I was hoping you expert guys could help with...

- Where is the hand tool?
A tool to move the screen around - not the image.
In Photoshop it's called the hand tool

- Cutting out background of objects: Use paths tool, select from path, invert, add alpha channel, delete.
Works a treat.
But... are there any other tools that help quicken this?

- I make a path around an object. How can I hide the path but bring it up later? If that's not possible, how do I just get rid of it?

- Similarly, how do I get rid of ants around a picture?

- What's the best way to copy 2 layers from one picture to another?

- Opening more images after first.
You can't just drag in. You have to drag into the toolbar.
Even though I know I have to do - it still gets on my nerves having to do!
I JUST want to drag in!
Is this something I have to live with?

- How do I get rid of ants around text?


I'm assuming the above are quick fire questions.
Happy to get just a pointer to somewhere where I can learn.
OS: Windows 10
Gimp Ver: 2.10.2
Rapid-fire answers:
  • No hand tool. If you want to move around in the canvas, depress the space bar and click-drag.
  • Tools>Selection tools>Intelligent scissors|Foreground Selector. You can also use a layer mask and paint it with black/white. If the object is text/logo, there are quicker methods.
  • Windows>Dockable dialogs>Paths and toggle the path visibility (eye icon, like with layers)
  • If you mean the fixed dotted line, this is the layer boundary. Toggle visibility with View>Show Layer boundary
  • Drag from the Layers list of the source image and drop on the canvas of the target. If in Single Window Mode, you may have to hover over the target image tab to switch to that image.
  • Dragging a file to the canvas of an open image adds it as a layer in that image. So if you want to open a new image, drag the file  to the the Toolbox.
  • If it"s fixed ants it's the layer boundary (see above). If it"s moving ants (selection), see View>Show selection
Otherwise, see the doc.
(11-08-2018, 01:03 AM)Ofnuts Wrote:
  • No hand tool. If you want to move around in the canvas, depress the space bar and click-drag.

also the scrollbars and the little four sided arrow icon in the lower right corner of the canvas area

plus: the Navigation Dialogue (Windows -> Docable Dialogues -> Navigation)
"No hand tool. If you want to move around in the canvas, depress the space bar and click-drag."

This one is great! I have been meaning to ask for this one for so long!
Thank you ever so much OfNuts Smile

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