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A selection of old spoof-logos and parody-clippy-art-stuff
Hi all, I don't get enough time to play on my computer these days, but i was looking at some of my old parody art stuff from back in 2019-2021, and i decided i'd like to post a selection of it here - all made in GIMP.

Well, maybe you think some if it is crummy, and you would be correct. I definitely put more effort into some than others, and there was also a learning experience going on over the course of things. So, it is what it is, i guess, though i did try to cut out some of really bad pics i didn't feel like stood the test of time(last 5 years). So ask me some questions if you are curious about any of them, and maybe i'll help you understand where i was coming from when i made it. Or maybe i will be AFK - sry.

Anyway, Enjoy the GrAphiC aRT! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

...I'm feeling lazy so i'm posting to imgbox & postimg:

apparently it is too many images to embed in a single post, so i'll just leave it at that.
I forgot imgbox and postimg both support larger file sizes so here(actually some pics are still downsized a little - i'm not sure why i made them so large):

[Image: cyIJrR85_t.png] [Image: yls6eNVT_t.png] [Image: rrnFRZdS_t.png] [Image: CRDHLGn9_t.png] [Image: gMgh5k8l_t.png] [Image: Du01pd71_t.png] [Image: aU9Nwbkk_t.png] [Image: sWmd8Rde_t.png]

p.s. can anyone recommend another good image sharing site?

testing postimg embed:

[Image: apple-beachball-crop7100trythis.png]

[Image: Gotcha-Fakebookfix7100.png]

[Image: printclearly.png]

[Image: proof-of-psychology-finishing-7100.png]

[Image: Q-Afeed-Quandryfix7100.png]

[Image: recordinginprogressfix7100.png]

[Image: ubuntubolditalic.png]

[Image: Unfair-Vote-ORGperfakdem1992-7100.png]
There is more, I had a chance to play around with ofn-bend-path script. BTW, you have to make a folder for scripts and plug-ins in /Users/*yourself*/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.10/ on mac.


I discovered bend path will not do spirals, and subsequently had some fun trying to figure out a work around, with limited success:

.webp   spiral-bend-didntwork-1920.webp (Size: 29.58 KB / Downloads: 4)

.webp   wonka-bend-1920.webp (Size: 122.64 KB / Downloads: 3)

...btw, is anyone else watching the Election Science Center( and wondering why all the shuffling of leadership in recent years? Or why the choice of the acronym "CES"; the name was already taken( Also, isn't DEI sort of beside the point in regard to the original mission?

Anyway, i think that will be all for now. I'm glad to finally have a small success getting scripts/plugins working in GIMP. I haven't written any python since college, but maybe i will give it a go some time soon.

Last thing, don't take immunosuppressants just because your doctor tells you to(corticosteroids to be exact - i hope i get over this lingering bad feeling, though i guess i was already sort of sick to begin with... ...pill culture isn't very inspiring, and doing graphic art is too sedentary to be good for my health either...).

That is all.

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