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Adding GPS to 2.8 [solved]
Hi, I'm running GIMP 2.8 on W7 and would like to add the Paint Studio addon, but am struggling to know where I get it. All the ones I've found are either from sites I don't know (or trust) or years out of date on the google page. Even then the google page presents me with countless files and I'm unsure which I should be downloading.

Would anyone be kind enough to provide a working link to the exact GPS file I need to download.

Thanks in advance.

[edit] I went ahead and downloaded the google one, then followed the simple drag and drop options on wiki. However, when I launch GIMP nothing seems to have changed and there are no extra brushes showing in the usual gallery.

Any help? I unzipped the GPS 2 folder, then dragged all the folder into my GIMP 2.8 folder. Not sure if I did it correctly.

Okay, so now, in my GIMP folder, I have a brushes folder, and inside there I have a GPS Brushes folder which appears to have all the new brushes, but how do I access them when I launch GIMP?
Don't know what I did (think I was putting the GPS folders in the wrong GIMP folder) but anyway I got it working. GIMP now opens with a brand new splash screen (wasn't expecting that) and all the new brushes appear to be there.

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