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Adding Tools to the Toolbox?
Hi! I'm new to this forum so I appologise if I've put this in the wrong place... ^-^;

I recently updated to 2.10.6 and I realised that some tools aren't on the toolbar anymore. However, they also won't show up in the toolbar preference menu, tools I use a lot like: HueSaturation Hue-Saturation, Colorize Colorize and Posterize Posterize.

Is there any way to add these back into the toolbar? It seems weird that they wouldn't even be options anymore and is a little inconvinient... 
Thanks in advance! -Kloe♥
AFAIK, you can not add these to the toolbox in Gimp 2.10

As you probably found, now only in the colours menu

[Image: 4AxOFC2.jpg]

You will just have to be inconvenienced Wink although you can make keyboard shortcuts to all three.
That's a shame but thanks for your quick reply! Smile

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