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Antialias executes arbitrarily

I have this black and white 225x225 pixels image that I want to print in a Tshirt, for that I need to add a Halftone effect, so I add a Newsprint filter with the Anti-alias oversampling factor of 0 so the Circle pattern (Period 1, Angle 45º) looks sharp enough to be burned in a silk screen, the image looks great (pic_1), I do a Color to alpha operation to remove the white background and then export the image in a .png format, but when I open the image in an image viewer or in this case Inkscape, the image looks with an anti-alias effect (pic_2), wich is no good for my purpose.
How do I retain this sharp (no anti-alias) effect?

I am using Gimp 2.10.18 in Ubuntu-Studio 20.04

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kubuntu 18.04 / Gimp 2.10.20 (appimage) / Inkscape 0.92.3 (appimage)

Small image 225 x 225 pix black and transparent exported to a png

The file viewer is liable to introduce its own anti-aliasing for screen rendering.


Inkscape is the problem.  There are various modes for importing a png. Do not use 'None (Auto)' use 'Blocky'  As far as I can see that will also scale. If the purpose is for scaling, then Gimp will scale this type of image  without anti-aliasing. Use Interpolation = None.

That solved my issue. And I was blaming Gimp... :-D
Thank you!

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